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Why why why is my setup this way???

adidasandy Apr 10, 2012

  1. adidasandy

    adidasandy Member

    Just to understand a little why the owner before me has got this setup to the front hubs/brakes etc.

    Removed front wheel (found studs comes out with only a few full turns)
    Then seen 10mm hubcentric spacers with spiggot ring attached
    Front brakes are MOVIT 4M6 calipers
    Front brake discs I have now found out to be S4 B6 vented and EBC grooved? (just going off specs sheet)
    Why the spacers? is it to allow the calipers not to hit the wheel?
    Surely the studs should have been replaced with longer ones no?
    Just seems abit over kill and dangerous with the stud situation.
    Also can someone shed some light on this (on spec sheet for car I got given when I bought it) =
    Original MOVIT bells supplied, rotors are £300 each??(no idea what bells are?well not the kind on brakes anyway)
  2. kennymeechan

    kennymeechan Member

    Only a few turns and the studs were out? :faint: If you use 10mm spacer personally I would use 10mm longer studs........

    Spacer may have been to clear the caliper, try it without spacer and check. Maybe just to widen track of car.

    Bells - normal brake discs come with the bells and rotor as one part, brakes like yours come as 2 parts. The rotor bolts to the bell and the bell bolts to wheel. Different bells for you brake setup and car can be used to change offset amongst other things, depending on what you use the car for.

  3. adidasandy

    adidasandy Member

    Mine discs are just S4 B6 vented and not in 2 parts, just checked the clearance from the outside of the caliper to the inside of the alloy with the spacer fitted and thes about10mm gap. so see now why the spacer is used.
    Will order some longer studs asap.

  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    They must already be longer, as the stock bolts wouldnt even engage one turn with a 10mm spacer.

    6 turns is what you want though.

    10mm is the thinnest spacer that can be properly hubcentric on these cars, so even if it only needed 4 or 5 mm some people will choose to go 10mm so they can use the decent hubcentic spacers.
  5. adidasandy

    adidasandy Member

    Will order some today, thanks guys

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