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Why don`t they fit?

Lowride Jul 21, 2005

  1. Lowride

    Lowride Member


    I have a set of 17` rims off an A4 Cabby. I used to run them on my N plate A4 saloon which is 5x112pcd. Why don`t they fit an R plate A4 Avant?

    For some reason they are too close to the control arm to spin round, I did`nt have this problem although they were close. We have tried spacers but no joy
  2. did the 2 cars have different suspention?
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It's the offset (not the PCD) that determines how far out the wheel sits from the hub.
    You must've been lucky on the early car, but the newer A4 must have a slightly different steering/suspension setup.
  4. aaerica

    aaerica New Member

    i run 8x18s off an a8 (et48) and they are very close to the control arm. My car is a 98 too so it should have the same suspension as your avant. I dont personally see why there should be any difficulty unless the wheels are extremely wide. iirc The std wheels are 45 offset for an a4 so you are spacing the wheel further from the control arm by using 35 offset wheels.

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