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why does my car go forward when I select reverse???!!!

VAGMAN1 Feb 7, 2007

  1. VAGMAN1

    VAGMAN1 Member

    this is happening more and more - you either can't get the stick into reverse OR you think you have (and the parkings sensors bleep > triggered by the reversing switch) but the car goes forward!

    also having problems with 4th.....

    problem is also random plus when it does play-up there is no crunching

  2. dubhyper

    dubhyper Illegally Street

    the gear link age is worn...or you need to have it adjusted..i suspect its going in to 1st. ive had this problem on other vag cars. not expensive to sort.
  3. VAGMAN1

    VAGMAN1 Member

    thanks dubhyper.

    when you say linkage, what part do you actually mean>

    the two cables that run between the stick and gear box
    or linkages on top of the gear box OR underneath the gear stick

    don't suppose you know any specific parts that will need replacing or a good gearbox specialist I can speak to to point me in the right direction?
  4. simch

    simch Active Member

    Gearbox end is my guess, the cables are self adjusting but you have to sort of release them and let them find their own tension, (on a later gbox not the early AGU motored gboxs). Bu there is a linkage on the gbox that the cables attach too that may be broken or worn, (on some its made of plastic and breaks).
    To have a good look, you need to remove the airbox / maf housing and maybe your battery, but hopefully not!!

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