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Why does it all go wrong at once?

nickf Feb 6, 2011

  1. nickf

    nickf New Member

    After selling my pride and joy M3 Evo when my daughter was born, I ended up buying a 2.0T Avant as it gave me the space I needed and had a bit of umph if I wanted it. I'm now questioning the wisdom of doing this as its one thing after another with it. First the blower fan broke, now its the rear wiper motor and the traction control light is mysteriously coming on and off! Its 5 years old with 46,000 on it, full Audi history.

    After running BM's and a couple of Japs, I was hoping the Audi would be as reliable (never had problems like this with similar age and mileage before). What can I expect next? Have A4's a list of things that pack up after a certain length of time?

    Hoping for someone to restore my faith that it was a good choice of car and I'm not going to be continually replacing things!

  2. Marrow

    Marrow Member

    Just bad luck mate I have the same car similar age and mile but remapped been fine for 2 years! Give or take the odd blown diverter valve due to increased boost!
    I have run a few big power beemers in the past and they were very unreliable so I suppose its just luck of the draw!?!

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