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why does hpi check describe TT as 6 speed auto, when it's manual

vannic Feb 20, 2011

  1. vannic

    vannic New Member

    Hoping to buy a 2006 (mark 1)tt 1.8 T Quattro from a local dealer.
    Puzzled by why HPI check says 6 speed Auto when I know it's 6 speed manual from the test drive.Is it something to do with the quattro or something more worrying? Don't want to make an expensive mistake!

    It's definitely listed as manufactured and registered in Jan 2006 but I can't find a Parker's price for it as that model (180 BHP quattro)only goes up to Sept 05 in their list, after that its 190 BHP quattro.Confused! :unsure: Any helpful advice appreciated, thank you.
  2. crazypainter

    crazypainter Member


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