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Whoops!!Stumbled Upon A Receipt For A Remap In My Wallet Full Of Receipts!!!.......

nashchrs Feb 12, 2009

  1. nashchrs

    nashchrs New Member

    Well I was planning on a Remap for the S3 come March but looks like i won't need one as i (according to some paperwork) already have one!!:keule:

    I stumbled upon a reciept which was folded in half in my wallet full of paperwork only to find.........

    JBS CC Stage 1 Remap
    Forge 007p
    Green Panel Filter

    The last 2 i was already aware of but i've gotta put it down to not test driving another S3 at the time and getting out of a megane trophy and jumping in the S3 Which was apparantly standard 225 model. I then found out by looking at the kw sticker in the bootlid that it is a 210 model.

    So here i was thinking about more power from the remap,when it apparantly has one.

    In comparison to my bro's remapped Fabia Vrs i left him for dead sometime last year on a straight bit of private road, but i put that down to maybe his abysmal driving lmao!!

    Now i think its time for a RR Or a vagcom check!!!

    And i wandering should i have left him for "dead" even in a standard 210 S3 Against his remapped (170-175,280lbs/ft) FABIA vrs???? Hmmmmm!!

    Thats the only comparison i can make as he was telling me shortly after that he was flat out. Now i'm feeling rather daft!!
    Can anyone shed any light???:unsure:
  2. benr

    benr Member

    Best to get it on a RR..

    You never know the ECU could have been replaced at some point after or maybe the map was taken off for the sale.
  3. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    If you left him for dead in his re-mapped vRS...yours is re-mapped, for sure.
    A re-mapped vRS will hold a standard S3 off right up to over 120 MPH.

    VAG Com log the requested boost will confirm if it's mapped or not. If its asking for well over 1.0 bar, then it's mapped.
  4. nashchrs

    nashchrs New Member

    Thanks for that Ess, I actually work with a bloke who bought your old S3 afaik, Andy! he's a relative as well!!

    Tried to keep pace round a few roundabouts but had no chance with the coilovers on his.

    Think the BBS's look stunning on it as well.

    Oh and i like the RS3 Badges, nice touch

    I hope if got the right person,i'm sure it's you he bough the car off!!!

    Nogaro Blue, FMIC ++++...:thumbsup:??????????
  5. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    Ahh...yes. That'll be him.
    Is it still going well?
    As quick as ever?

    No coilovers on it...Bilstein B8 dampers, H&R springs, Neuspeed ARBs, Forge adjustable tie bars and a good set up. Handles well though, eh?

    One of my all time favourite wheels those RSIIs.
    I miss that car...

    :whistle2: Makes people think a bit, that's for sure.

    He didn't buy it directly off me...I had it 3 1/2 years from new
    I sold it to DavidR on here...he had it a year or so,
    He sold it to DJ Motorsport on here...who had it a couple of years,
    Then it went to Andy.

    DJ had it up at Polished Bliss for the full works - I saw it over there and it looked stunning.
    The photos are still over on Detailing World if you/he hasn't seen them.

    That'll be it.
    Good car, that...quick in any conditions on any road.

    Small world eh?
  6. nashchrs

    nashchrs New Member

    It's still going well i hear,and in top condition!

    Yep! Sure Does Handle well, couldn't keep up round a couple of roundabouts on way home from work.

    And Finally Yes Very Small world!!

    On another note,it must make you quite pleased to know that it's on its 4th Owner and not one of them has changed/altered(or plan to alter) anything with the suspension that you set up.

    If i had the cash right now,that setup is exactly what i would be after providing Andy lets me have a drive first!!!:racer:

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