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Who was running the 290+ bhp S3 at Santa Pod yesterday?

DJ_Troopa Apr 12, 2010

  1. jonny87

    jonny87 Active Member

    glad all was ok, fooking bummer about your mates car though, bet that wasnt cheap getting it taken all the way back to sheffield, plus the cost of the mount and fitting, expensive day out huh? what car was ibiza tdi, cupra?

    lol cheers, my mates wont let me forget it though unfortunatley, feckers!!
    s3's are great all round cars mate, but dont be fooled, mines had a lot of dosh thrown at it to get it the way it is now, and its not anything amazing, the same sorta cash chucked at a jap car would give you more power but you wouldnt get the german engineering nor half the toys inside so for now, im happy to compromise :)

    will you be heading to the gti internationals at bruntingthorpe end of june? thinking of camping with the guys off here (seperate tents/sleeping bags before anyone gets any ideas) might sign on for a few runs down the strip there too

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