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Who has a evil bay 3" decat/dp

paultownsend May 7, 2013

  1. paultownsend

    paultownsend Member

    Who has the above on their 1.8t? In particular, who has one with a welded in 200cel sport cat?
    Had to change the exhaust centre pipe yesterday as it was shot. Replaced with the TDI centre, well eventually did. Had to break open a fresh grinder disc.
    It revealed the OE DP flexi is shot.

    So, performance wise did it make a difference?
    Noise wise was it louder? ( running OE rear box).

    Ideally I would not want to run a cat, but I can't be ***** to swop it back twice a year. So the magnaflow weld in cats look a good shout. Any experiences?

    And any negatives?

    Cheers gents
  2. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    S3/A3? A3 I am presuming by the TDI centre section comment.

    The one for the A3 is epic, the one for the S3 is extortionately priced.

    Sack the cat off, just man up and swap it. There are great gains to be had.

    I ran a downpipe and decat for three years on a stock exhaust, it sounded alright. A little bit raspier.
  3. paultownsend

    paultownsend Member

    AGU. making 185/220 from 15psi. K03 snail.
    Thst was before I started using vpower.

    For £100 they are ridiculous value.
    Id the OE cat actually that restriction? More the DP?
  4. Tim_Attard

    Tim_Attard Active Member

    im also wondering this between decat and sports cat, as its £100 more but how much would the garage charge to swap it over each time? or is it a DIY jobby?
  5. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    OE cat is a mahoosive restriction, certainly needs to go.

    With the downpipe and decat mapped in properly there is a much smoother delivery and quicker spool up. The car is free'er to rev and has less of the "cliff" of power loss top end.
  6. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    I'm currently running a 3" DP and 200cel sports cat on my S3. Didn't fit any of it myself and my MOT was literally a week around the corner and obviously you need a cat for emissions testing etc.

    Can't prove that there was any extra performance by just bolting it all on as I didn't have it RR before and after - but there was definitely a noise increase from the front of the car and I have a standard system from cat back.

    From what I've read and seen - the standard DP and cat are very restrictive on the A3/S3, so the 3" DP and sport cat is a great mod to get more bhp - exactly how much I'm unsure.

    Just want to add though- it is definitely worth having a sports cat handy if you go and de-cat your car......because if VOSA/police check your vehicle over and find you don't have a cat...then they could ask for you to get your car re MOTd and show them proof. If you have a full 3" system from turbo back for example....you may be in a bit of a sticky situation with fitting the cat and getting it delivered in time- as you would have a lot of trouble fitting the OE one back in there.

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