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Who decides goodwill payments - the garage or Audi Customer Services?

Monsoon Jul 7, 2009

  1. Monsoon

    Monsoon Member

    My car is out of warranty and recently one of the coils failed (see www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=73985). The service advisor at Hitchin Audi told me he had contacted Audi HQ to enquire about a goodwill payment as this is a known problem, but it came back as a no.

    Having done some research on audi-sport.net, and the web in general, I found it was such a common problem that I decided to write to Audi Customer Sevrices myself to enquire about goodwill. Three weeks on, I've heard nothing so I just called them now. I was told that they have passed my letter to Hitchin Audi for the service advisor to make the decision (?!). I said I was confused - the service advisor told me only Audi Customer Services can make the decision (which came back as a no). But no apparantly, some Audi garages can make the decision under an "empowerment" clause. I'm waiting for Hitchin Audi to call back to find out what's going on.

    The chap I spoke to at Customer Servcies said they only overule the garage's decision in exceptional circumstances. Anyone have any idea what the setup actually is?
  2. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    How much do you want as good will? Changed one of these on my mates mk5 golf last week and the part was only £28, took about 10 mins to change.
  3. 10blazin


    audi costomer services ...lol dont make me laugh there pants....

    i wouldnt bother mate on delivery i got a scuffed alloy and notice that my winderscreen had a small crack in they didnt do anything about either thats why i hate audi and hope they sink through the surface of the earth .....

    i wont be getting another just because of this we even spoke to costomer services and they said take it up with the garage effin joke .

    its just not worth the stress to me anymore there effin w£$%ers
  4. Monsoon

    Monsoon Member

    Well, I was advised to have all 4 coils changed. Total cost = £288. Now you see why I'm after a goodwill payment. I'll see what they come back with (that's if they do come back to me...). At the time, the service advisor said it's a known problem. The bloke I spoke to at Audi Customer Care today also admitted it's a known problem, but firmly put the ball in the court of the dealer when making a goodwill decision. They still haven't called back!
  5. S3KVN

    S3KVN New Member

    I dont think you will get a goodwill payment out of Audi Uk unless the car has only very recently run out of warranty and the dealer is unlikely to help you with goodwill unless you bought your audi from them and again has only very recently run out of its warranty, thats the way i understand it at my work anyways.
  6. Monsoon

    Monsoon Member

    After the events of yesterday and today, I couldn't agree more. And the day's not even over yet. My next car will not be an Audi.
  7. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    AUDI are the biggest bunch of w******* ever!!! they have caused me so much stress this week!!!!

    they gave me a 07 sat nav disc on my brand new s3 in feb 09??!! tried to tell me it was the latest n not much different :blahblah1:

    then.... u may have seen my post a couple days ago but there was a part missing from my airbox.. and they are trying to say i have removed it cause they wouldnt have and would have picked it up on the PDI, yet on the PDI they did they checked the electric folding mirrors box as working.. i dont even have them on my car!!!! not to mention i was sold the car with electric folding mirrors and they were on the bloody invoice!!!

    if i could id run in there like this :gun2:
  8. Monsoon

    Monsoon Member

    Have you noticed how in most Audi garages, the service section is nowhere near the sales section?! So while I and countless other Audi owners are complaining in a loud voice about the substandard aftersales service, there is some poor person at the other end of the building unable to hear the gripes of all these dissatisfied customers, and about to sign a £25k cheque for their brand spanking new Audi which they think will be great.

    Rant over. For now.
  9. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    Audi Service are total tossers and I won't even bother listing everything they have annoyed me with over the years. Its not just Audi though, Mercedes are just as bad!!. Took my mothers 58 plate Kompressor in as the paint lacquer was peeling off the front spoiler. Was told Mercedes didn't like warranting paint. No ****, 8 months old 3K miles and the fekin paint is peeling off. Had to get the service manager out to sort it before I removed the smug tw*ts head. Anyway, booked it in and asked for a courtesy car. Told it would be £20 a day. Argued again with the service guy about why I had to pay for a car when it was warranty work....even called 2 other dealers that stated they never charged for courtesy. Collected the car today and instead of spraying the whole bottom of the spoiler they have blown in where the paint was peeling. How gash is that. Also 2 nice scratches down the near side rear panel where they must have got the 16 year old YTS (or whatever it is now) to wash it
  10. Monsoon

    Monsoon Member

  11. AwesomeSarah

    AwesomeSarah Member

    I must admit , I used to do warranty at a Skoda dealership
    The reason I left is because the customer service from the dealers was going down
    There is customer care that only the dealers can get in touch with
    If they say no , then it is a no I am afraid
    The only other way IIRC is if the dealers want to do this for you for free
    The amount of customer care claims that I have seen within the whole of the VAG group has gone down immensley :(
    I do believe that if VAG want to keep some of their happy customers , they will have to pull their socks up
    People that come on to the likes of this forum , are fans of the product
    Upset a few , then posts like this come on , then it can upset a few of potential customers

    I must admit too , the VAG group also know of forums like this and do monitor them too
    So just hope that they are watching and taking on board some of the messages within this forum

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