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white noise.... uuurrrrrggg!!!

aprilia dude Feb 23, 2009

  1. aprilia dude

    aprilia dude Active Member

    hi all..

    i have a 2 yr old A3 sline:yahoo: with the bose stereo set up....:sos:

    when my stereo is turned off im getting a white noise through the speakers which is quite loud im my opinion:blush:... also wen the stereo is on and i can still hear the white noise untill the volume is around 7 or 8 ...has anyone else found this in their audi.....:search:

    i went to audi chester with this problem and they said that there is nothing wrong with it but i insisted they replaced the head unit and amp...... but its still the same.....:banghead:

    any views would be greatly appreciated..!!:blownose:

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