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White A3 1.6.... bye bye :/

TheButtonz Nov 27, 2011

  1. TheButtonz

    TheButtonz Member


    I was posting on here some time ago, but then a few things changed in my life and my A3 fell down the list of priorities. Ive now managed to settle back down but unfortunately about the same time it developed a few more faults, specifically:

    The ABS light
    Gearbox grind
    Offside hub failed
    Misfire (again, this time a bad one)

    I had them all checked out at the Audi specialist I use and the misfire was corrected (but not fixed) following a week away and £200 (HT leads, coil pack, sparks, lambda). The ABS was going to be another £400 and the other issues we're also on my list, but then I looked at the coolant the other day and it was full of oil (think Mcadonalds chocolate milkshake) so I have finally decided to get rid of her and after a good 2 months of searching (and moving house etc) I've gone for a MK4 golf GTI. 65k, fsh etc. it's a shame to cut my losses with the Audi (new clutch, multiple services, modifications etc) but the thought of spending another £1500 just to keep the 120k car on the road (showing 100k due to I being clocked) was too much.

    Having said that, it's more of a shame to leave the forum, as you are honestly the most honest, knowlegable and funny community I've been in touch with and to that I'll be most regretful.

    I've still not decided what to do about her yet (sell for scrap, parts or eBay the lot in one go) but if there is anything you specifically want or are just looking for a project in a nice white body then let me know. Please check out my other threads for info.

    Cheers guys and thanks again :)
  2. TheButtonz

    TheButtonz Member

  3. s3 performance

    s3 performance New Member

    hope everything is ok for u

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