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Whirring sound and something adrift on front strut assembley?

shifty_steve Dec 5, 2013

  1. shifty_steve

    shifty_steve Member

    a3 front hub.jpg Got a whirring sort of grumbly noise coming from front end, hit a curb last week - which blew the tyre (newish bridgestone) and this noise is probably due to that....i sort of hope its just the wheel bearing on its way out.

    Thought I'd have a quick look to see if its anything obvious like a bent caliper shield or the likes...
    the little grub screw that holds the brake disc in place is missing??
    the plug is hanging loose??? should it be attatched to the silver thingy ??

    The noise thing has only just started this last day or two...increase with speed...changes with alternating road camber...didn't do it when i first got the new tyre on ??

    any advice appreciated



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