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  1. A4Andy

    A4Andy Quattro-tastic. Not half.

    I have an A4 with the 1.8T 150 engine. Recently had it Revo'd.

    After a few hours of "energetic" driving I started to notice a hideous whine when any amount of acceleration was required above 2.2K revs; turbo spooling territory. Anyway, back to Drivers in Glasgow (they have been excellent) and a theory was formed of either a rupture pipe or the DV wasn’t performing as it should. No fault codes were showing.

    So, I now have a Forge fitted and the problem persists. I’m now looking at having to replace vacuum hoses. I didn’t know there was more that one!

    Has anyone else experienced this or at least hear of other instances of spilt vacuum hoses causing whine under acceleration but completely silent while cruising?

    I'm hoping one of the Scottish lads has an idea tomorrow. :uhm:
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Alright Andy have checked your set up the thing we were looking at this afternoon is the Crankcase filter and the DV is inbetween spoiler and wing
    Follow link and look in the list for 1.8T DV Install

  3. A4Andy

    A4Andy Quattro-tastic. Not half.

    So it was where I thought it was. :nyah:

    Mucho thanks for you're help this afternoon.

    To be honest I don't think the Forge can be heard over the whining. As Blackadder once said, "I believe the phrase rythmes with clucking bell." All I can do is replace the vacuum hoses and see if that does it.

    If you reckon the performance is retarded then I suppose the vacuum links could be doing it. Other than that though I have no idea. :crying:

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