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Whining noise from transmission / wheels at only 40k

Firebird1900 Apr 8, 2013

  1. Firebird1900

    Firebird1900 New Member

    Hi, I hope someone can help

    I have an Audi A4 Avant 2.0 fsi, 2005, 6 speed, only 40k miles on it - when I bought it last summer at only 30k miles it was fine.

    It has now developed a strange whining noise starting at about 30 mph and getting louder and rising with speed so that at 70 it is pretty loud and intrusive.

    The noise is road speed related not engine revs related.

    You can hear it in all gears and in neutral, and with the clutch in or out and when coasting at speed with the engine revs low.

    The noise does not really change when swerving left to right when coasting in neutral (so I dont think its a wheel bearing??)

    AT 60mph it is really quite loud and is on all road surfaces. I dont think it is tyres as all 4 were new in December and I couldnt hear the noise then - the new tyres are top of the range jobs and I selected them as they had the best noise rating.

    Any ideas what it is likely to be?

    How can something mechanical go at 40k miles and I am absolutely certian the mileage is genuine ....... Many thanks.

    It is possible I can also feel a vibration on the pedals / steering wheel, but that could be my immagination.
  2. RMH1A4cab

    RMH1A4cab I'm in Cruise control

    Bearings are the first thing I'd check if you've rolled out tires,gearbox ect.

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