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While we're on the subject of parking sensors.....anyway to enable them at low speed?

Simo_UK Mar 19, 2012

  1. Simo_UK

    Simo_UK Member


    Jumping on the bandwagon of Parking Sensor questions......

    I switched to my A4 from a VW Touareg. On the VW, the front parking sensors would automatically turn on when the car was below a certain speed - for example, as you pulled into a parking space. Preventing that "BUMP - Oh Sh*t" moment!

    The Audi doesnt seem to do this and you need to turn them on manually in that scenario.

    Can this behaviour be changed using the VCDS or something?


  2. wolfie138

    wolfie138 Active Member

    the Dynamik has an on/off button ~ i had to use them the other day when some dumbfk almost blocked our carpark ~ but as for low speed, i think they turn off at about 10mph or such. they come on automatically when you select reverse and go off automatically when you start picking up speed, so if all else fails i suppose you could stop, select reverse to activate it then park up.
  3. Simo_UK

    Simo_UK Member

    Thanks Wolfie.
    Yeah - if you press the button they activate. But doesn't seem to be a way to get them to turn on at low speed.
    For example, in the VW if I was in traffic and crept up to the car in front, the sensors would already be engaged as I was travelling <5mph or so. So I'd get a warning as I approach the car in front.
    I suppose its the front sensors that I'm interested in - and looks like there's no way to do this.
    I'll just have to educate the missus when she's out in the car and pulling into a parking space.
    I can imagine the conversation now "Well the car didn't beep so the wall couldn't have been in the way!" :)

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