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While the engine's out...any changes / mods suggestions??

Greggers Jul 7, 2007

  1. Greggers

    Greggers Member

    Afternoon all...my S3's going in to Star Performance next week, and while the engine's out, was wondering if any of you had any suggestions please?

    Don't want to go too crazy, but I'd like to push it closer to 300bhp; not particularly interested in any changes to the bottom end, due to cost, but would like to know if things like turbo upgrade, cams, intercooler, port / polish, exhaust, re-map etc. etc. would be a good idea?

    Any suggestions on any of these bits would be greatly welcomed :)

    Will also look to match brakes & suspension to whatever power increases there are, so if anyone has any overall ideas (I'm still very new to this Audi malarky...reading through the forums trying to pick up tips, but still all I really know about are YB Cosworth engines!) please let me know!

    Thanks a lot :icon_thumright:
  2. simch

    simch Active Member

    \you will struggle to get close to 300hp without a new turbo. \then you'd be in big bucks!

    \what work are you having done? Head off for port and polish, probably £800 of work and you may get a few more hp and torques, but the head is not the restriction of the motor. The turbo and manifold are.

    Cheapest turbo upgrade "may" be a hybrid k04, and you could maybe try a tubular equal lenght mani, but I reckon it would stand you |£3-4k extra once all fitted up and mapped!
  3. Greggers

    Greggers Member

    Is it really that much for a decent set up with a hybrid? 3-4k? :faint:

    Haha...maybe for the mo I'll stick to a few nice little enhancements to make things run a little more smoothly!

    Well that's interesting to hear, will have to look for another route for now then, as I'll - almost certainly - already be shelling out a fair amount for a new engine (will find out tomorrow when the sump gets removed...), and I only bought the car a month or two ago, so I'm in a bit already.

    Thanks for the help on the turbo front simch, might have to look at a remap to keep me happy for the next couple of months ;)

  4. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    A word of advice... I ended up with a very big bill and ended up with a standard car. If you need serious engine work (pistons etc.) and a new turbo, don't **** about and go for proper everything - I could have had a 1.9 / 2.0L and a large turbo for the money I paid for mine to be put back to standard.
  5. Greggers

    Greggers Member

    Thanks for the advice mate, appreciate it.

    To be honest, I was looking to avoid getting a re-build from scratch, as I'm not too flush right now - have poured a lot of money in to it lately, and I need to save up again ;)

    The turbo bit has scared me - I used to get good T34s for my Cosworth for less than 500 quid, then bolt it on...this £2-3k malarky's ridiculous!

    I would like to get good power though, but reasonable power, and not for silly money for now. Maybe the 2L engine can wait til next year ;)

    Thanks again,
  6. @udi-SA

    @udi-SA SA

    sorry to hijack,

    but has anyone in the UK done the 2L conversion,

    I was thinking more along the line of stroking - changing pistons and crank
    than doing the whole rebore.

    Are the any suggesstions out there in this regard?

  7. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear

    I thought there was talk sending your old KO4 somehwere to get hybrid internals for £500? Cant remember the place though.

    There are 2 in the uk, that i know of, that are 1.9 or 2L.

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