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Which Wheels?

Scott_Hol May 25, 2011

  1. Scott_Hol

    Scott_Hol Member

    Right after getting my car sorted and talking constantly to my dad about modding and what i want to do to my car i think ive given him the bug abit haha so i am now looking for some new alloys for him for his TT (new model). . . .He wants 19's so I was telling him to get some scirocco reps on as i think they would look sweet but looking for more options before he makes his mind up. Budget it 600-700 with tyres but try me if the price is round about. Any help is appreciated and pics or link to adds would be a help. ;)

    ps hees not lowering so how does a TT sit as standard on 19's his car is also silver - doesnt want black wheels
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    depends on age as prefacelift version suspension sits waaaay to high on any wheels. Ive seen the sirocco wheels in 18s on a TT but they just didnt look rite.

    id think some fat wheels or maybe some RS4 reps in 19s would look good.
  3. Gary 209

    Gary 209 New Member

    I have some 10 spoke 18" speedlines (rims only) which are in great condition if you are interested from a 2007 TT cab. I will be putting them on E Bay next week.
  4. Barry#1

    Barry#1 In The Pit Lane

    I have a set of 9x19" Gunmetal grey RS4 Audi original alloys off of 10 plate TT. Slight scuffing on them and one has a small pothole ding, all can be easily repaired cos damage is minimal. Two Conti's on two tims, but do have sidewall nicks on them, size is 255/35x19. I have pix if u wanna see them. These wheels are GENUINE AUDI ALLOY WHEELS PRICED AT £500 EACH!!!! Looking for offers on them if ur interested, pm me and al email pix.
  5. Gary 209

    Gary 209 New Member

    I have these for sale at the moment
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