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Which tyres on the 3l tdi quattro sport?

ACCA Jan 29, 2011

  1. ACCA

    ACCA New Member

    I just bought the car with Dunlop sportmaxx on 255/35 R19 and need to replace 2 urgently (it was pointed out at sale). At £240 per tyre they certainly aint the cheapest!!

    Just wondered what everyone else was running on this car? What would you reccomend? Is it best to stick with what the manufacture put on? etc etc
  2. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    Ive been told that oem fitment is whatever the best deal is.Obviously a brand name.I know that audi has stopped supplying Bridgestones, and most seem to come with contis, or dunlops.Have seen some s4's come with pirellis.Ive been buggering around with differant tyres over the last three months.Mine came with bridgestones, and i swapped to goodyear f1's, and then conti sportcontact3.Ive gone back to the bridgestones as they have the stiffest sidewall and are pretty tight.A bit crashy, but i like em tight.So I have four contis and twpo goodyears in that size in my shed.All done about two thou.It would have been easier if you could try before you buy!!.But one thing i must say is make sure all fgour are the same brand with similar wear on each axle

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