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Which spark plugs for the 1.8T 190?

Light Speed Jun 20, 2007

  1. Light Speed

    Light Speed Buff my shiny red one...

    Any idea what spark plugs I need for my 1.8T 190? Cars in for a service today and they told me it could be doing with a new set - not going pay stealer prices for them so if anyone knows which type I need this would be a help! There was some mention of them being platinum plugs??

    Cheers :icon_thumright:
  2. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    The best spark plugs for our cars would be the NGK BKR6E. For optimum performance get a gapper and measure the gap out to 0.030'.

    Platinum ones do nothing for our cars. You will have to change these NGK copper plugs more often but they cost around £8 for a set of four which isn't much.

    Here's a link to a seller on eBay.
  3. ronny

    ronny Audi A4 1.8TQ


    Hmm copper plugs in a 190 audi?

    Where did you get that info?

    I suppose you could put the cheap plugs in but you need a plug that will last with that engine, the actual plug i use is 54 quid for 4 and is iridium, that is one of the lowest temp plugs on the market.

    If you use a copper cheap plug in a turbo engine you may be ok, but on the other hand the turbo engine produces denser air and hotter temp's so it makes sense to use a plug that can handle that environment.

    Multi plugs are not the best for our cars as they take up alot of room, (larger electrode blocks the flame) but on the upside the spark has an easier path to the electrode, they also wear alot less then a normal single electrode plug.

    Most people don't know about how a spark plug disipates heat, that is it's job along with producing the spark, choose the coldest plug you can afford.

    I would suggest this

    NGK Laser Platinum PFR6Q *

    Although i use a Iridium

    26 quid for 4 of these is very cheap


    Or £22 quid for the plats


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