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which sensors control Fueling? 2.0TFSI

spider74 Aug 2, 2012

  1. spider74

    spider74 Member

    Seems daft but I’m looking to understand which sensors control the fuel mix on the 2.0tfsi engine. MAF, Coolant temp and what else?

    A4DTM 2.0TFSI Quattro

    My car seems to be running rich, it keeps fuelling on no throttle giving some burps etc on engine braking (which it didn’t before) and has a throttle lag then a sudden boost!. Also puffs some smoke out if you have been cruising on part throttle and floor it. It doesnt smoke at all on full throttle just a fter a period (10 mins) of partial throttle cruising I have VCDS and checked the throttle alignment and position sensors and they seem fine. Car makes boost and I have a boost leak test kit so it’s not a boost leak.

    Unplugging maf improves things so I cleaned it using MAF cleaner. Worked a little but not back to the way she was.

    Planning to use my usual "replace the cheapest thing first and work up to the most expensive" so any help appreciated.

    Many thanks

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