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Which MP3 Player to go for???????

JGrant1285 Feb 21, 2007

  1. JGrant1285

    JGrant1285 Sir Scouser Benitez

    Hi all,

    i've just booked a holiday to the Algarve in June and i need some form of music with me (its a life and death situation).

    Now i had a Nokia 3250 and it went knackard, leaving me without an MP3 player.

    I'm not sure what to go for, although i'm steering away from IPOD's of any sort due to itunes (i want a drag and drop feature).

    I been looking at the iRiver Clix, has anybody else got one of these or another MP3 player that they would recommed.

    I only need like 1GB or 2GB of storeage as my laptop will be comming with me anyway.

  2. S3K

    S3K Member

    You can drag and drop with Itunes.....I really like it personally....its easy as pish to keep all you music in order. If I wanna update my mp3 player I think I will stick with getting another Ipod. I am happy with what it does, even though everyone has there own opinion on them :)
  3. freddie

    freddie New Member

    sony have a new range of mp3/video players that got a good review on t3 mag an look very impressive and not very expensive for what you get.
  4. rowansbank

    rowansbank Member

    I have a Cowon iAudio U3 2GB. Supports all file formats inc FLAC & OGG, drag&drop, neat design, great sound - very satisfied with it!
  5. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    I always stick with sony but it's hard work using the software. Although apparently the newer stuff is as good or better than itunes.

    Ipod batteries are always a problem. They even have to get sony to make them now!

    The new sony mp3/mp4 player is excellent but it only has a 4GB memory. I'm waiting cos I'm pretty sure they'll release a bigger one

    EDIT: They now have an 8GB one but that's not enough fo me yet
  6. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    I use the Small sony. Cigarette lighter one NWE 407 1 gb about three years old. The new ones are just as good

    Love the 55 hours plus playback and thats genuine. Sound quality Beats anything else out there I'm a bit of an uudiophile so i am picky. Get some decent ear buds again sony do some good cheap ones about £30.00 for this

    Charges using USB though.

    downside Software is a bit of a ****** when you have alarge MP3 CD collection, However there is a small program on sony's US site which sits on the device and allows you to drag and drop MP3s straight onto the device.

    Does not like Media Player either. Else absolutely brilliant for the money we bought two and there still going strong.
  7. coupe-se

    coupe-se Member

    Another vote for the iPod here!!:icon_thumright:

    Been using a 2nd gen one continuously for a few years now without a single problem (still on the original battery), and recently bought the missus a 4Gb Nano (which has 20+ hours of battery life).
    iTunes is an absolute doddle to use and does work via 'drag and drop'.

    Like all Apple products they are very good quality and on my own experiences I'd recommend one to anyone!!!:)

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