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Which model??? advice please

mattyV May 21, 2009

  1. mattyV

    mattyV New Member

    Well as the title reads really, im in the market for an A4 B6 but not sure which model i want as havnt had a chance to drive one yet.

    What i really need to know is whats the best all rounded, im swaying towards a 1.8T Quattro due to it being tuneable but i would defintely consider a 1.9TDI or the V6 TDI are both of these models good performance wise and on fuel?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated chaps

    Thanks Matt
  2. Marc1

    Marc1 Member

    FWD 1.9TDI, figures in my sig. Town driving and lead foot = 500 - 550 miles from a tank.

    On a run, but still a lead foot at times 600 - 650 miles from the tank. You could clearly get better fuel figures if driven more conservatively.

    Tank is 10 litres bigger on the FWD's. I can't comment on the 2.5TDI or 1.8T quattro or not, but plenty of people on here can do :thumbsup:
  3. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    My 2.5TDi Q averages about 35 on local work, but thats all windy A and B roads and no motorways, but as Marc says less lright foot would reduce that significantly!

    2.5 can only be tuned to about 210bhp without significant investment on fuel pump/injectors etc - but thats no slouch :cool:
  4. steviequattro

    steviequattro New Member

    have 2.5tdi quattro for sale i got a weeks notice today so its gotta go,gutted,pm me if your interested ill give you more details
  5. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    stay away from the NA petrols.... the like you said, the tunability of the turbo-charged ones makes them a great buy....

    1.8T for low mileage driving with great performance
    1.9TDI for high mileage (fantastic fuel economy)
    2.5TDi gives you a goot dose of both performance and economy

    I'd recommend Quattro, but then it does hit fuel economy since the A4 has the full time 4 wheel drive... also bear in mind that the Quatrro's will always be the top tuning spec of each engine type - hence why there is sometimes SUCH a big performance & price difference: e.g. I think the 1.9TDI is availble in 100, 110, 115 and 130bhp in FWD, but only 130bhp for the Quattro.... on the 2.5TDI, the tunes are 150, 163 for FWD and 180bhp is only availble in Quattro.

    The lighter cars (FWD) will also do better around town due to the weight difference: I tend to fill mine up (180bhp 2.5TDI Quattro) when the trip get to <30, so that's about 50 litres: 300miles if it pure town driving, 400miles normally... 500+ if it's a <90mph cruise on the motorway... I reckon 600's possible if you drive like a saint (55-70mph all the way).
  6. mattyV

    mattyV New Member

    Thanks for the advice guys its opened my mind alot now, still not sure what engine il go for but poss swaying for the V6 TDI as it has best of both worlds performance and economy.
    Oh also does anyone have 19's fitted on coil overs? just wondered how it drives?


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