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Which mobile?

Rocko Jan 5, 2009

  1. S£

    S£ Member


    My comments regarding the battery were about the google phone, I know the Iphone's batt is alright :)
  2. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    O2 are shifting their stock of iphones... so if you want one... nows a good time. Shift stock is probably down to the upcoming v3 iPhone and the nano iPhone.

    If you do go to O2, come to O2 Litmus and see if you can get some apps. ;)
  3. Mr.G

    Mr.G Well-Known Member Team Sepang Audi S3

    What is o2 litmus?

  4. Boro&Beth

    Boro&Beth Member

    +1 for the 5800.

    I got a cracking deal to >>> www.intekmobilephones.co.uk
  5. MikeSel^

    MikeSel^ Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Navarra TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Manual

    I have used HTC phones for many years, and have loved everyone..

    I guess it would depend on what you want, I certainly wouldn't buy an iPhone until the new one comes out on the 17th.

    The spec of the new one pisses all over the old one..

    The Android Google phone is good, but development work on it is slow, so still no bluetooth file sharing. Of course you wont get that with the iPhone either.

    But you can just get a windows mobile phone with the same spec of the iPhone and get all the applications you can get for the iPhone (just about) for free from many sites like XDA developers.

    There's also a million an one ROM's for WinMo based devices you can have a differnt OS every week if you like.

    Each phone has it's quirks\benefits.

    If you can hang on a bit, perhaps wait for the T3 (gadget mag) phone to come out?


    <LI itxtvisited="1">Slide out querty keyboard with rubber coating.<LI itxtvisited="1">5.0 megapixel camera.<LI itxtvisited="1">A mini-phone that slides out of the back of the main phone unit. It is flexible to wrap around your wrist and forms a very basic phone when you don&#8217;t need the full feature set of the main phone.<LI itxtvisited="1">Cordless headphones that clip into the back of the keyboard when not in use so you don&#8217;t lose them.<LI itxtvisited="1">Touchscreen and multi-touch stylus. The stylus looks like a pair of tweezers.<LI itxtvisited="1">The keypad has several modes depending on what you are doing e.g. camera, e-mails, Internet, or gaming, and lights up differently to highlight the main buttons for each mode<LI itxtvisited="1">Built-in GPS

  6. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    Well I opted against the N96 and got a Sony Ericson C905 8Gb and I can honestly say........

    ... It's complete ****! The camera is good but the poxy thing will not pair up with my handsfree car kit properly it will pare but goes to silent when i try and make a call and i can't here the person on the other end. The internet will not function properly and when viewing E-Bay you look at an item and view the image and when you look at another item and try and view the image it reloads the first image instead of the one you want. Th epoxy thing never has any signal. I can have 3-4 bars on my old N95 (also T Mobile) and the Sony will say "Emergency calls only". When I called them they said to lock it on GSM!?!? I'm paying for 3G!

    Phoned them today and told them I'm not happy but as 7 days has passed they will only offer a replacement handset the same. I have already said if the replacement handset is the same I shall be expecting a new handset of my choice or I shall cancel the contract under the basis that;
    1) Item doesn't do what their advertising says 3G, internet usage
    2) Item is not fit for the purpose for which it was sold to me for

    Is there any chance I could have some good luck this year?
  7. Olly P

    Olly P My other cars a mk2 Golf GTi

  8. MattS5

    MattS5 Active Member

    Sony Ericsson W995i

    Just released, only on 02 and orange as contract phone.

    Or just pay £400 for a network/SIM free as I have if you prefer Vodafone.
  9. sc00byd00byd00

    sc00byd00byd00 Frank and Beans............... VCDS Map User

    I'm waiting for the N86 8MP myself. That should be out July ish like the N97

    OLED Screen, 16GB Memory (Micro SDHC Card though rather than inbuilt) GPS, 8MP Camera

    Its a defo for me !!
  10. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Staff Member Moderator

    5800 for me. Really impressed with it. The iPhone is good, but i am bored of all my work colleagues being complete geeks and never shutting uup about the god damn thing, so that really put me off getting it.
  11. evilbow

    evilbow Member

    :music:I work for 3 :eyebrows:

    I currently have the nokia E71 handset excellent to use, great features, maybe lacks in the camera department.

    we have just taken delivery of the sony ericsson w995 and also the nokia n97.

    on first looks both seem very good phones although I will say sony ericssons have been having a lot of problems recently with speakers and software issues plauging their range.

    the nokia n97 seems very very good 5mp camera slides to the side qwerty keyboard plenty of memory, does feel a little heavy at first but sure you'd get use to the feel of it which is a quality finish
  12. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I quite like the idea of an N97 when I upgrade in a few months, and would be interested to hear of anyone's experiences when they are released.
  13. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    got 2 LG viewtys....never again, both phones cut out whilst on call and very slow on viewing photo albums and PC software is rubbish....I dont think you can beat the iPhone how much of a nerdy geeky phone it is, it does the job and does it well lol...albeit it cannot forward txt messages...but can do pretty much everything else......pure madness!!

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