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Which Laptop?

PaulAr Dec 17, 2009

  1. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Bit of a computer novice gents so would welcome some guidance on which Laptop to get the wife.

    It will mainly be used for browsing, facebook, but also a bit of downloading music, some MS Office use, (mainly Word).

    Doesnt need huge storage capacity, wont be running lots of multiple applications neither, or any clever software, and little or no gaming.

    So, what will I get for £300 or under (not much I guess!!)?

    Do I need Dual Core?

    IS 1 Mb RAM respectable? Or really out dated these days?

    Is 1.8Mhz fast enough?

    Will 80gb storage be enough to store a few dozen Albums, jpegs and MS Office etc?
    I would say speed is more important than storage capacity.

    What about a Notebook? What are the main differences between that and a Laptop,

    It would seem that once you spend £350-400 you get a lot more spec but is it necessary baering in mind it wont get heavy use and like most PCs will be well out of date in 12months anyway?

    Lots of questions I know but appreciate any feedack.


  2. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    Paul, things have changed over the years. lve had the best at the time. From what youve said you want from it l would say just get a net book, £250 - 350. My wife just wants to surf the net at times so l brought out my all singing all dancing laptop , at the time 2000, and upgraded a few bits.
  3. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    So can you do basic stuff other than browsing on a Netbook? Such as MS Office stuff etc.

    Im guessing you would need an external writer to burn dowloades music etc?

  4. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    I worked supporting computers and networks for 15 or so years before I retired and still do quite a bit as a volunteer for a charity and personally I would go for a laptop rather than a netbook. Most laptops are going to have a built-in CD/DVD drive and their processor is going to be much better at coping with Office applications.

    Have a look at the Dell UK website. I have a Dell desktop and have been very pleased with it and I have just advised my brother about buying a laptop for his wife. Basically she wanted was very similar to you and she wanted one that was quite small and light. I suggested a Dell Inspiron 11z or 13z at £349 and £479 respectively. They went for the 11z with a 11.6" screen. Quite small but adequate. Most netbooks are even smaller.

    His wife has been using it for about a month and is very happy with it. It will now come with the new Windows 7 operating system which is a big improvement over Vista.

    Personally I have a lightweight Sony Laptop which is very fast, has lots of memory etc and a 13.3" screen but cost over £1000.

    If you need any more help let me know or send me a PM.
  5. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Excellent, thanks.

    You have a PM Dave.

  6. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member


    I've recently just rejigged my pc / laptop set up. I'm an Apple man generally, but thats because I use the pc for a lot of photo editing, graphics etc, and I like a well designed product too.

    My set up is a Mac desktop, with a large HD screen, plenty of hard drive space and RAM. I also use this as my music server and stream music around my house etc.

    I have also recently bought a netbook, for similar reasons as you are looking at, general web browsing, a bit of music downloading, email etc. I went for the Samsung NC10 (1.6mhz, 1GB RAM, 160GB Hard Drive, 10.2" Screen), its small, but it seems a well built little thing, good battery life, a decent keyboard with proper keys (a big must for me), a decent quality screen and all for less than £300. I chopped it in for the HP equivalent which wasn't a lot of cop in my opinion.

    For what you are looking for i'd recommend the Samsung, it donesn't have masses of processing power or RAM (although I upgraded mine to 2GB for small beer) but then you dont need that for running the programs you are looking at. It comes with Windows XP (which is far more stable than Vista) but I do know that Windows 7 will run fine on it, and as mentioned above is a vast improvement on Vista.

    I would have thought that 80gb storage will be fine for plenty of music and other documents, unless you have a vast collection of music. Its future proof though, you can upgrade the hard drives in these things with a bit of common sense.

    There are a few alternatives which I considered when I was looking for a notebook, the Acer and similar makes are a bit cheaper, but you tend to suffer on build quality but not spec, Sony make a few and look great but do tend to be a lot more expensive, Dell (i'm not a fan after owning 5 of their laptops now) but they are similar price and spec, HP similar price and spec but their keyboards and screens are not so good IMO.

    Hope that helps mate!
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2009
  7. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

  8. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Would you care to elaborate that post slightly as havnt got a flying pig what you're on about, maybe wrong thread???
  9. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Thanks for the input gents.

    After lots of trailing about I ended up in TESCO as they had some TOSHIBA laptops for £299.
    Bargain!.....or would have been if they had any left:uhm:

    Anyway, was fed up by now so bought a Compaq spmething or other as it was the next one up pricewise, albeit a better spec machine.
    The wife hasnt complained so it must be Ok.

  10. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I managed to get one of these for the inlaws, does what it says on the tin - bargain!

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