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which hatch??

smudgy57 Sep 30, 2004

  1. smudgy57

    smudgy57 Member

    i know its boring, and probally done before but, we were having a bit of a disagreement at work at the moment about hot hatches (around 15-20 grand mark). which ones the best and for the money!! blah blah blah! coz ive got an s3 im gonna be biased of course haha. but forgeting about the s3 which one do you think is a good all round performer and value for money?
    subaru 2.0 impreza (my choice)
    honda civic type r (my mates choice)
    ford focus rs (i actually dont mind)
    seat leon cupra r (another mates choice)
    audi 2.0 fsi (i know its not fast..!)
    and that was about it, though we was talking about the mazda rx8 aswell coz its rather nice but its not a hatch. then it started getting out of hand and before you knew it we were on the mclaren slr haha....anyway just be good to get a few outside views ...cheers lads
  2. Anito

    Anito Member

    according to your rules (ie hothatch) the impreza has no business there does it?

    anyway how about the clio, not that i like it one bit

    from your list I guess the focus would get my vote
  3. Civic type R would get mine, closely followed by the Leon Cupra R.
  4. NWMark

    NWMark Member

    for me it totally depends on what 'YOU' wanted from the car.

    Fast driver orientated turbo car = Focus RS
    Cheaper version of the above + NA redline fun = Civic Type R
    4WD turbo car with luxuries = S3 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
    Cheaper Turbo Power = Leon Cupra R

  5. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    I'd say the Seat, good build quality and just as quick, plus at a good price....currently looking at one for the missus though.
  6. PaulBelsham

    PaulBelsham Member

    The Leon would get my vote over the Ford any day, its probably quicker as well being that it has the same 225bhp lump that the S3 has
  7. smudgy57

    smudgy57 Member

    i was looking at a leon the other day in a seat showroom, and i must admit it was nice for the money. i did notice that the top of the dash, the glove box, and fan outlets, and various switches etc were exactly the same as an audi a/s3, and the 6 stack cd was in the glove box which left no room what so ever in the glove box. recaros are another £750 pounds on top. still prefer the subaru/focus though for the extra money. i know its not a hatch(subaru) but these were the 5 cars that were in discusion at work, just used hothatch as a round about description, for the anorak's out there...lol
  8. i test drove most of those on your list before i went for the S3, But what about a R32 ???
  9. Yea i think R32 would be my choice, i prefer a car thats quick but also luxury as well, which neither the impreza/civic/focus are.

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