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Which Gauge do I need?

stewd Dec 28, 2012

  1. stewd

    stewd Member VCDS Map User


    Wondering if anyone happens to know what Gauge of wiring is used to run between the speakers and the concert HU? I'm wanting to replace my front speakers and add an amp for them, so I'm currently looking at one of these

    Car Audio & Security: Car Stereo, Speakers & Subwoofers, Car DVD Players, GPS and CD Changers

    To convert the signal from the HU to RCA to then run to the amp, and I'm wanting to run it all to the boot then back around the car, as I also have a control box and a convertor behind my glove box for my Parrot.


  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You have front and rear pre-outs already on the Concert, they are just not on standard RCA plugs. Hi-lo converters are really a last resort as they introduce hiss, distortion and possible interference.
    If the Concert is single DIN then all you need is the BLAU adapter pc3-11:
    PC3-11 Autoleads Yellow 6 pin MINI ISO RCA output lead. | eBay

    Then from the HU you run proper RCA's as per normal.
    Speaker gauge is typically 16 AWG for most applications.
  3. stewd

    stewd Member VCDS Map User

    Thanks Andy.

    shall order one of those and have a work out how I can hook it into my current setup with my parrot.

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