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Which fuel?

Suzuka62 Feb 13, 2013

  1. Suzuka62

    Suzuka62 New Member

    Evening all,

    wanted to ask which fuel everyone is using in their rs3. Does it need to be on a strict diet of at least 98ron fuel or can I put some 95ron in? So far only used the expensive juice...
  2. JonnyG

    JonnyG Active Member

    You can use both, but 98RON is the recommended one.

    The manual states a slight loss of power with 95RON (see page 133)

    I prefer VPower and Tesco Momentum
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  3. Audi Dynamik

    Audi Dynamik Well-Known Member

    You can use any unleaded in your car, but it is much better to use a super/premium Fuel. Personally i use Shell V Power Unleaded.
    It lasts longer than normal unleaded, it has a more crispier exhaust note and not noticeable but actually a little bit quicker, and is also better for your engine longer service intervals etc...
  4. Kelza

    Kelza MODERATOR Staff Member Moderator Audi RS3

    Another vote for vpower :)
  5. Sticks

    Sticks Member

    ive only ever put v power in , car was at audi last week and some sort of sediment was found partially blocking my fuel filter,

    cheers shell,hope it aint another silicone contamination story on the horizon
  6. elton121272

    elton121272 Active Member

    Likewise, I'm a v-power man.

    Anyone else noticed that selected Shell stations now offer an assistant at the pump to save with all the hassles - I believe their pilot strategy is to determine if the 'assistant' can squeeze more litres than us into the tank and then justify to all franchises with xx turnover & traffic that they will improve profitability and loyalty vs convenience - thoughts?

    The only reason I ask is my induction training is next Monday ;-)

    Seriously, being a Scot the majority of members will assume 'we' will drive an extra 50 miles to find a penny cheaper fuel....the honest truth is its only 34 miles...but TBH i paid £1.46 for a litre this week and was fairly p*ssed off as the 'assistant' refused to "shoogle" the petrol cap to maximise my spend, wipe my screen and check my tyre pressure which - was particularly disappointing as it was minus 5 outside....I was in Tesco...and he was the one calling me a pre-ma-donna - WTF, we shouldn't be able to post on forums after dark!?!

  7. HullRs3

    HullRs3 RS3 8P (2012) TeamMisano Audi RS3

    Another question on fuel. I was told when filling up with fuel and the pump cuts out when it is full, not to be tempted to put more in as this goes into a reserve tank. Previously with my old car, my TT I would keep pulling trigger until the pump cuts out every fraction of second, which would be when the fuel would put at the top of the tank touching the nozzle.

    So, my question is how are you meant to fill up. Have Audi told me porkies, or not? To answer the original question I alternate between Shell V-Power & regular mainly doing 3/1, but I'll now change to only V-Power. Also, only 2x Shell garages in my area until recently, & I have never been near any of them when I need to refill.... Typical!
  8. monkeyboy_marcus

    monkeyboy_marcus Active Member

    I've not heard about this before but I spend a good five minutes after the pump cuts out just gently squeezing in a bit more, usually get about 5 additional litres in easy before the fuel is visible at the top of the tank. Means the theoretical range I get is generally about 330 miles, using high-octane.
  9. geek

    geek Member

    v-power since new withe the exception of two tanks of momentum early on.
  10. P_G

    P_G Active Member


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