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Which engine?

Aff May 21, 2004

  1. Aff

    Aff New Member

    Morning all,
    Im new here and at the minute don't own an Audi, but with a bit of guidance thats all about to change.
    Right, i definatly want an A6,
    Which is better? 1.8T or the 2.4?
    Which is the better engine in terms of power/performance? Although im mainly after refinement, is the 2.4 a better smoother engine? or doesn't it matter?
    Might sound like a daft question, but are they both 4cylinder engines? or 6 cylinder?
    Is there any advice anyone can offer when buying one of these? basically i am looking at about a 2000/2001 model.
    What goes wrong? are they prone to breaking in certain areas?
    Any help would be great!!

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