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Which engine???

RVP20 Nov 25, 2013

  1. Little Red Monster

    Little Red Monster Member

    Try and test drive the car you think you will purchase for as long as possible, half a day would be useful and then at least an hour with your second choice. You are then unlikely to make a mistake. If a dealer proves unhelpful, then approach another. If you have owned an Audi before they should support your request. When I test drove a Lexus for the first time they were happy to let me drive it for a whole day!
  2. moonlight

    moonlight Well-Known Member Team Daytona Team Floret Silver Audi A3

    I had one overnight!...though it was the A1...I knew within 2 minutes it wasn't for me and then had to drive it for a day/night/morning...should have just turned around at the nearest roundabout...(which was 2 minutes away as it happens)

    The OP will be happy with either engine...win/win...there will be times with either car that doubts will creep in.....I love mine...mainly because its quiet (came from a 2.0tdi)...but that's not to say I won't end up in a diesel next time...it's almost a toss of a coin decision (IMO).

    In COD we trust.

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