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Which DV Spring?

Charlies604 Jan 21, 2006

  1. Charlies604

    Charlies604 Member

    SIlly question, i no they have a guideline on the site!

    Iv got a Forge DV and an MRC remap. Its at about 0.8bar ish.

    Now do i stick to the standard spring (Weakest) OR move up to the next one.

    I can hear the car dump each time i let off. And it seems to hold boost.

    Would putting a harder spring in give it a little more peak boost?

    Thanks all, and again sorry for the silly question!!
  2. s3bow

    s3bow Member

    Had this dilemma with my mapped S3. Had the yellow spring in it (which is one up from weakest) , but it wasn't until I was looking for a boost leak that I tried the standard valve back on. Immediateley a marked difference. It seems I was leaking boost through the DV. Got the red spring in there now ( heaviest ) . You can just hear the turbo starting to stall on small throttle inputs. A little more boost to dump, and you can hear the valve dumping. If it were stalling the turbo on medium to higher boost I would swap it for the blue, but it seems to dump meaningful boost ok. This is at 1.5 bar though.
    So trial and error I would say.


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