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Which downpipe & KO3S upgrade

a318t Oct 31, 2012

  1. a318t

    a318t Member

    Sorry to post a new thread which has probably been answered many, many, many times before - just very tight on time at the moment as I'm in the middle of studying (hence I haven't looked through old threads)

    Seriously considering a KO3S upgrade / or a KO3S hybrid unit from Turbo Dynamics on my 1.8T AGU - just a couple of questions:

    1) I've been told that the standard downpipe is a big restrictor in terms of hp figures after a remap when installing the hybrid or normal KO3S. Can anybody recommend an upgrade manifold? I haven't got a clue what model/make is good or will work best.

    2) Forgetting that I upgrade the downpipe and just fit the KO3S (with new gaskets, bolts etc) and go for a remap (R-Tech)....any idea what sort of bhp figure I would see? I have read a bit on the KO3 > KO3S remap and it seems that 210 is the limit, with a more realistic result of around 200 hp. Car is currently running at 175 ish with a KO3 and stage 1 map....id like to break 200. I'm not just "figure chasing"....I genuinely think another 30-ish bhp will really make the car how I want it.

    Many thanks - very dull thread, I am sorry haha!
  2. coatesy

    coatesy poking badgers with spoons


    If you get a turbo, you can get it from Dan (beachbuggy) on here he knows what he's doing and he's made my turbo and prawns plus many more on here. He will make a turbo to suit your needs. See mine or prawns build thread for ideas and help.

    You can go to any custom exhaust place to get one made, I went to longlife exhausts. Or you could get an xs power one from eBay I think.

    A k03s will make well over 200bhp with all the supporting mods.

    You will want to get your standard manifold ported by bill @ badger 5. The standard manifold with a bit of porting work will flow just as good as any high flow manifold.
  3. coatesy

    coatesy poking badgers with spoons

    Obviously you will need a Fmic, tip, blah blah blah ..... You get the jist of what I'm on about. (All supporting mods)

    Welcome to the slippery slope of modding cars :D
  4. Grazam

    Grazam Member

    if you want to wait a few months I am upgrading to a k04 from my k03s so if you want one.

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