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Which Diesel Tuner?

claytow Jun 8, 2008

  1. claytow

    claytow Member


    Recently sold my S6 for a A8 4.0 TDI. And although its awesome, smooth and still really just as powerful as my S6 without the revs, I want to have a go at "chipping"

    Have sort of been looking at 2



    They seem to be the same company but one system is more adaptive than the other, one just has various ECU maps in it, the more expensive one actually reads your ECU and adapts to suit (Or so it claims)

    The figures however are very different as you can see..

    One gives much more BHP and the more expensive gives less BHP and more torque.

    Just wondering if

    a) anyone here has any sort of experience with any of these companies or types of tuning chip


    b) what difference do you think each of these will make in the real world? i.e. difference between more torque and bhp in normal everyday use.

    Any comments or help appreciated. Or any other way of squeezing more from the beast!

  2. bigdom71

    bigdom71 New Member

    I've used a Steinbauer box before, it's works great, is TUV approved. However it is quite a bit more expensive, however they are masters in this field.

    You could also re-map your ecu using the software VAG use. I know a company that can do both, and i've used them for the past 12 years or so on various cars. I personally don't take my cars anywhere else. Just depends where you are in the country, or how far you want to drive?
  3. claytow

    claytow Member

    I do live in East Anglia, and we have Clive Atthowe, have already asked him and he says he can do it using Oscarli, one of their tuning partners...

    Still thinking about that, but he is only just round the corner.. just trying to figure out whether its better to have the torque or the BHP although I like the fact that the spider is adaptive and stuff
  4. bigdom71

    bigdom71 New Member

    I'd go for a bit of both, although torque is generally what your after on a diesel lump.
  5. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    well if it was my A8 diesel i'd spend the money and goto a repuitable company, get the ECU remapped properly and get it on the rolling road.
  6. devonmikeyboy

    devonmikeyboy As far from JBS as possible !

    Richard Washbrook writes the maps at Oscarli who is the same man who wrote most of the Revo maps plus sold maps to Custom Code/JBS and worked at Forge. Richard is very good at mapping and Oscarli sales maps to the trade and you might be very surprised as to where or who a lot of these "repuitable companies" actually get their maps from.
  7. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    Chip'n'Spin has some interesting looking remaps and RR sessions, as do R-Tech (bigbhp.co.uk)... any experience of these two?

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