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Which colour for Calipers?

razza1 Mar 20, 2009


Which colour for calipers?

  1. Red

    5 vote(s)
  2. Black

    5 vote(s)
  3. Silver

    2 vote(s)
  4. Leave as is

    3 vote(s)
  1. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    Thinking of painting the calipers when I get a moment, what colour do you think would go best with an all black car (including trim) with silver RS4 style alloys?
  2. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    My calipers have gone all rusty for some reason, so I was thinking of getting some paint from halfords and doing them black, do you know if its hard to paint them?!

    And I voted for black because I think red will look bad on an all black car, your original colour might come off soon so thats a no and silver would look ok but I like the understaedness of black.
  3. Matthew

    Matthew New A3 on Order

    Silver will look good with a black car. I have had red Brembos on my last 3 cars and they look too max power for me now.
  4. jsh

    jsh Member

    Red every time!
  5. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    Not sure how easy it is to do, some of the guys on the supra forum painted them without even taking the wheels off....
    I'm hoping to not have to actually remove each caliper and believe you can get some that go on with a brush instead of a spray can, but will be taking the wheels off to do.

    I had red calipers before which looked great, but am thinking maybe the black (especially once I get it debadged, very stealth like). You can get S-line decals on ebay, which I'm also considering, not sure if anyone's used them before or whether they fit on the calipers properly though?
  6. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I imagine you can do it with the wheel off and leaving the caliper connected to the brake pipe. However I am sure you would get better preperation and finish by taking it off completely so you can properly degrease it etc on a bench. Ball acher to bleed the brakes though :blink:

    As for the colour it sounds like red would look quite good on an all black car to me, especially with some decals on them. However I also don't think you want to draw attention to the brakes unless they are worth looking at, ie S4 calipers or something special. If the calipers are just standard sized then I think black would be best.

    I have standard calipers and will be doing them black sometime soon :icon_thumright:
  7. Renbod

    Renbod Member

    Red looks good unless like me you have EBC's greed pads, then it just looks odd, now I need to either re-paint them silver or paint the pads black :think:

    Here's how odd they look:
  8. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member


    I think you're right there, the Supra ones were great in red, but they were big and chunky, unlike the std ones on the Audi...the red ones in the below post don't quite look the part (excluding the green pads with them lol)

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