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Which broadband deal?

AudiSport Sep 15, 2007

  1. AudiSport

    AudiSport Member

    Hi all, our 12-month broadband contract is now up with BTOpenworld, and although I'm sure there are lots of you out there who have had a bad experience with them, ours has been good - 6/8MB download speed and a little man in India always willing to help when it goes wrong..

    However, I'm aware there is a lot of cracking deals out there with free sky, calls etc etc. So, can anyone advice us on which package to go for. We currently have FREE VIEW built in to our new TV so Sky is not a must, however free calls of some sort would be good...
  2. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    For internet, i would recommend Bethere, an LLU ADSL2+ provider.

    It doubled the connection speed, compared to my ADSLMAX connection.

    If you get 6-8meg on MAX, you should get around:

    20meg down - 1.3meg up, with the £24 Unlimited service

    8meg down - 1.3meg up, with the £14 Value service

    No traffic shaping, caps, or download limits. + excellent pings.
  3. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member

    I'll second Be*

    I connect at around 19mb and its all good!

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