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Which AUX-in for 55-plate A3?

Knightrider Feb 23, 2009

  1. Knightrider

    Knightrider New Member

    First post - so sorry that it's a beg for help!

    I have just picked up my 55-plate A3 sportback. It has a single-DIN headunit marked "Concert" looking like the one here :

    I would like to add an AUX in to the headunit. Connects II do a couple of different interfaces that connect to the CD-changer port - the CTVADX001 and CTVADX002 - found here :

    I cannot figure out which one will fit my head unit - as I do not know whether it is the concert or concert II. I have trawled these forums trying to find an answer to no avail.

    Anyone fitted one of these, and if so, which one? As far as I can work out it depends if the headunit has a quadlock connector or not?



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