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  1. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    At 22 I assume you're living at home with the folks, if so get the dream car now before you get weighed down with mortgages and kids ;)
    I've just looked at new cars, and the insurance is cheaper on a more expensive Porsche 911 turbo, with much more power...the problem is any modification adds money to premiums....
  2. adam12thjojo

    adam12thjojo New Member

    Our works not that good either haha building isnt at the minute which is why im on a saving up mission for my next one.

    Haha bet she takes it out when your not about dont worry about that.

    I pay £600 now for a 1.4 SXI Astra and my quote for both a 335i and a 545i have been below £900 but the Audi S4 has a smaller engine then the 5 series and same BHP but its a £1500 quote, work it out yourself i suppose haha?!

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