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Which A3 2.0TDi to get

JohnboyC Nov 9, 2008

  1. JohnboyC

    JohnboyC Member

    Hi all....

    In the future, I will be looking to change my A4 2.5 TDi Quattro Sport Avant (fantastic car - REALLY pleased with it).....to an A3 2.0TDi Sportback.....which MUST be really well kitted...

    So main question is is it worth getting the 170hp version or will the 140hp version do....whats the difference in MPG...is the quattro on the A3 worth having.....its great having the quattro on my A4, in the wet its brilliant....only downside I have found on my A4 is the effect on MPG, and I have to replace 4 tyres in one hit....

    Any other pointers.....must haves are Cruise, RNS-e, 18" RS6's, and full leather.....which from looking around are quite rare..but hey, i don't mind the wait....
  2. SteveTDCi

    SteveTDCi Active Member

    there is a huge difference between the two, if comfort is your thing then look for another A4, perhaps the 2.7? although the 3.0 TDi is getting cheaper all the time. Most items can be retrofitted but some are more difficult than others, the Quattro A3 is a little bit rarer than on the A4. Drive one before you really set your heart on the A3
  3. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member VCDS Map User

    140bhp is remapable so if you do find is slow (which i dont), you can remap it.

    Leather and RS6's are fitted as standard on the S-Line range so that model will probably be best for you,

    Quattro is heavier so wil affect the mpg but on average if driving on motorway, my a3 does around 54mpg average (aroudn 70ish). With a remap its meant to be better. mines the 2wd
  4. SteveTDCi

    SteveTDCi Active Member

    Mines the 140 DSG mapped and i'm averaging 38/39mpg.

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