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Whether to buy A3???-any help welcomed

jnielow Oct 28, 2012

  1. jnielow

    jnielow Member

    Dear All,

    Went to look at a 1999 T plate A3 on sale for £1690 127k on clock FSH 17 stamps in book recent new clutch/cam belt 2 owners from new.Car very clean and well maintained drove nice. The only downside is the exclamation mark symbol on dashboard constantly flashed not sure if brakes/brake fluid needs topping up.(Have asked them if I bought it would they sort!) I took my fault code reader with me 3 faulys flashed up

    1/ 01316 ABS control module came up twice
    2/ 00525 O2 sensor voltage low G39

    The car ran sweet revs ok no hunting etc, are these codes big issues?, also not sure if they are stored error codes that can be cleared etc

    Any pointers and opinions would be welcomed!



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