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Whether to buy 1997 1.8L 2dr convertible???

jnielow May 6, 2013

  1. jnielow

    jnielow Member

    Hi All,

    I am calling on all those that feel the way I do about these cars, I have come across one which on the surface seems clean,original with 92k on clock on an R plate. I have in the past owned a 2.2 gt coupe I know different car but people will know the passion. Call it mid-life crisis,but I would love to own a convertible before I part this earth. I have read a few reviews on what to look for, and most rave about them (being German built I guess!). It is up for £1795, not sure if this is about right or not but I would say yes for this example.

    I was holding out for one up until Nov 2012 when I got impatient and bought an A3 1999 which is great! but I am now split,I am guessing the difference between 1.6A3 and the 1.8Cabriolet is not that much,I do about 100 miles a week, car tax same and insurance looking promising!.

    I have always let my head rule my heart! but I am seriously thinking about going for it! what do people or hopefully other owners think?

    Many Thanks

  2. lee atkinson

    lee atkinson Member

    hello i have owned my 1996 2.6 cabby for almost a year now and it has been the best car i have ever had, i have had brand new cars in the past which dont come close to the cabby, i am 27 with points and my insurance is really cheap so insurance shouldnt be a problem, there are cheaper ones out there than the price you stated but a good one is deffinately worth paying for, i binned my a3 turbo straight away without giving it a second thought for mine. my mate has a 2.0 cabby with 208k miles on which runs faultless so they are super reliable too.
  3. Greavesy

    Greavesy Member

    my '93 2.0 16v saloon has got 163k on it and it runs great and has got less rust on it than most cars half its age. As long as the roof doesnt leak I say go for it!

    My gf wants me to get a newer car and I'm actually considering a '98 / '99 cabriolet as I've got loads of new parts on my current 80 and most will swap over.

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