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Where to start?

leon10tagg Dec 26, 2006

  1. leon10tagg

    leon10tagg New Member

    I was hoping that someone on the forum could advise me on where to start with my 1997 A4 1.8Turbo sport. I would like to tune the car to about 250bhp. Currently I believe the best approach is a hybrid K04, large bore down pipe and system, upgraded injectors, revised air intake, FMIC and a remap. Is this reasonable? In addition what transmission upgardes will be required?
  2. macca

    macca Member

    seems you are spot on, though you may not have to go all that way, a k04 hypbrid and a remap with an exhaust maybe good enough. i think trans wise everything should hold up, i've heard the dual mass flywheel is the weakest link but should be ok for 250bhp.

    with what you were talking above i think you may get a bit more power, say 270, but the rods are the next weakest link, some people have had them hold together for a lot more power but i would rather detune than risk a rod going.

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