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Where to start on GT4?

necroeire Apr 26, 2005

  1. necroeire

    necroeire Active Member

    I just got my GT4 yesterday and got my first licence B I think. (Only 1 gold)

    Anyhow I got 10,000 Cr and a 1.4 Lupo. Where do I go from here and what is the best car to start winning in and what races.

    I want to make a bit of money and buy something a lot faster.
  2. necroeire

    necroeire Active Member

    Ok I just done a search on the net and found the following if you guys are interested.


    This section is mainly to help beginner's find some direction at the beginning
    of the game. I will list a couple of different ways to get yourself started
    with some decent cars and a little bit of extra cash.

    *For all methods I suggest getting at least your A license and maybe the IB so
    that you can familiarize yourself with the physics for this game.

    These are for players who import 100,000 credits from their GT3 save

    1.Go to Tuner Village-------->HPA Motorsports and buy the HPA GTI car. This
    car comes with 550hp stock and can win most of the early races very easily.

    2.Buy a used Evo VII GSR and upgrade it as much as possible. This car can
    compete in One-Make Races, Turbo Events, 4WD Events, and any open enrollment
    events. This car is also one of the best rally cars in the game.

    3.Same as #2 with an Impreza WRX-STi.

    4.Same as #2 with a Skyline GT-R V-spec N1 except the Skyline will be more
    productive for road races than rally racing.

    5.Buy and upgrade a Lotus Elise 111R. This can win the MR races, its One-Make
    Race, and some of the Lightweight races.

    This section is for players who start with just the 10,000 credits

    1.Complete all of the license exams up to IA. You will receive the Nismo 270R
    which can get through the early races pretty easily.

    2.Get any decent starter car(a 200hp+ Evo will work) and go to the Special
    Condition Event #1 and #2. The first one will get you the Cadillac Cien
    which can win all of its races up to the end of the Pro Hall. For the second
    event, you will win the Toyota RSC Rally Raid car which can be sold for
    265,000 credits or used to win the majority of the rally events.

    3.Get a car to win the Lightweight K-Car Cup in Beginner(a Honda Beat works
    here). You will win the Ginetta G4. Use this car to win the Sunday Cup and
    any other races you see fit(even up to the Clubman Cup) to save up a little
    money. Upgrade it as soon as you can. Now, enter the European Classic Car
    league, the European Lightweight event, and 1000! miles. This will give you
    over 1,000,000 credits with 3-4% of the game complete.



    - For endurance races, it is best to equip the hardest tires you can that will
    still give you an advantage. Harder tires wear down a lot slower than the
    softer ones. If you're in an FR car and need more traction to be able to
    win, then you can equip R2/R3 tires on the front and R1 on the rear. The
    rear wheels drive the car so naturally the tires wear down quicker.

    - After you acquire a car from a lot go get an oil change. This will add a few
    extra horsepower.

    - In B-spec mode, you can speed up the race to 2X or 3X by holding L1 and
    pressing right. The driver will automatically pit, and you'll have to reset
    the 3X after every pit.

    - You dont have to enter a race just to tweak or customize your car. All you
    have to do is press "Start" on the first screen when you enter your "Home"
    and the car customize screen will load.

    - Watching the demo for license exams can help greatly

    - Press L3 to speed up a replay

    - If you have a GT3 save, you can transfer 100,000 credits to use at the
    beginning of the game. You have to go to Home--------->Status and press

    - Press R3 at the countdown before a license exam to display lines telling you
    when to brake and accelerate(this only works on National A and B)

    - The Black Race Cars: *cue scary music*

    Between days 694 and 700 there are 4 black Race Cars that can be found used.

    Used Car Showroom II:

    Toyota GT-One Race Car '99 = 2,924,999

    Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car '98 = 2,924,999

    Used Car Showroom I:

    Mazda 787B Race Car = 1,224,999

    Nissan R92CP Race Car = 1,224,999

    These cars can be found at the bottom of their respective showrooms. Since
    they are used, they will naturally have less horsepower than their new
    versions. But . . . . . . they're BLACK!!!!!
    Remember the oil changes.

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