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Where to get new S4 tyres in South Wales / the Wes

SonicDeathmonkey Jun 1, 2004

  1. After a rather hard life, the Michelin Pilot Sport 225/45/R17's on my S4 need replacing. Anyone got any suggestions on what tyres to go for? I have to point out that I do an awful lot of motorway miles, so as much as I want tyres that allow me to stick to the road like a frightened cat, I would prefer tyres that do not need replacing for a good few thousand miles.

    Being Swansea/Cardiff/Swindon based, I am looking for somewhere in the south west to pick them of from. Of course, if some internet place can deliver them cheaper then I will go for that.


    Oh, if anyone was at homelands, remind me. I can't remember a thing...
  2. excursion

    excursion Member

    What you had on is a reasonable balance.

    LOL @ Homelands. Who did you go for?
  3. thumper

    thumper New Member

    Just changed my mich/pilot/sports-225/45/17 for falcons .At harris bros in fforestfach Swansea(cannot be beaten on price).just go there and try.My pilots gripped really well but only lasted months.these falcons are a harder compound and i hope they`ll last longer.If you buy 4 you`ll get more discount again,they went from£80.00-odd each to £70.00-each when i bought 4.Get a price first elsewhere and take it there.You will not be sorry.

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