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Where to get an Oil Breather Pipe other than Audi?

TDIQ Oct 13, 2009

  1. TDIQ

    TDIQ 8L > 8P > 8V

    Quick question, I've tried to find somewhere that sells them, but had no luck online.

    Wondered if anyone had got a replacement oil breather pipe anywhere other than Audi. They want £35 which I am willing to pay but it seems quite steep simply for a bit of plastic tubing. Also need the O-Ring at the bottom of the pipe, too. Part number is 06A103217A or 06A103217G (Apparently Audi have released a "G" version, I'm presuming it's less prone to splitting) for the tube and I'm not sure what it is for the O-Ring.

    On a similar note, has anyone had any experience replacing the oil breather pipe. Do I need any special tools or is it a quick job?


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