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Where to Buy B6 Parts In The USA

Haroulli Oct 4, 2006

  1. Haroulli

    Haroulli Member


    I've just bought my self a 1.8TQ B6, and i've been looking to find parts for it. I'd love to get the S4 or S-Line Door Flares but i can't find anywhere other than the obvious (stealer) to buy them.

    I wouldnt mind getting my hands on a small boot lip spoiler that u get on the S-Line either. I've looked at Ebay for them and they're all stick on which doesn't sound bad at all! I found one in Carbon Fibre look for $9+shipping. but its for the old A4. What do people think of Carbon Fibre on Dolphin Grey? It will be the only Carbon Fibre part but it saves me painting!? Opinions?

    Any input welcome!
  2. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron


    ..hello mate, not sure if this is what your after but at least it'll give you loadsa ideas :icon_thumright:
  3. dstech

    dstech Member

    In the States you're left to order parts from a dealership that sells online. www.worldimpex.com; ECSTuning.com; or you can order from Vagparts.com; Tmtuning.com; or contact 400HPA4 on www.Audizine.com (best price).

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