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Where have you put your DVD/Sky etc?

Stan 24v Jul 16, 2007

  1. Stan 24v

    Stan 24v Member

    Just bought a new LCD and waiting for it to turn up, however Im unsure about where to put my DVD/Surround and Sky box.

    Was thinking of some shelves on the wall and routing the wires through the plaster. Think the mrs wants a cabinet.

    What you got? Pics paint a thousand words :)
  2. Biglockie

    Biglockie Aye you know it makes sense

    I've got my plasma on the chimney breast with the boxes int he alcove next to it withthe wires routed through trunking in the wall, moving house soon and looking to mount slabs in the wall and put the boxes on these.
  3. treblesykes

    treblesykes Member

    or put the sky box out of sight somewhere and use tv link for the remote. Mine hides behind a cupboard with just the tv link mouse on show

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