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Where do you get your car serviced?

Matt_S Oct 31, 2011

  1. Matt_S

    Matt_S Member

    I was thinking, there's so often the 'can anyone recommend somewhere near .......'

    So how about people post the good garages, and warn people of bad ones (please don't use this to slam a garage after a bad experience, but just to make people aware you had an issue)

    Mods, you may think this benefits the rest of the forum so feel free to move it if you like.

    St.Ives Volksworks centre
    Independent VW Audi specialist
    PE27 4NB
    01480 494998

    NOTE: nearer to Cambridge despite Peterborough postcode

    Recommended to me by a friend, used them for the last 3 years and can't praise them enough! Very friendly and professional, had a minor issue after 1 service and was fitted in after work the next day when they rectified the problem with no quarrels.

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