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where can i buy one of these from??

5l4y3r10 Oct 13, 2012

  1. 5l4y3r10

    5l4y3r10 Member

    [​IMG]ok i have an 2003 audi a3 1.8t aum engine. in the picture you can see the y shaped hose, on the right hand side of the y shaped hose, another hose clips onto it which you can also see in the picture and then goes down. i believe this goes under the intake manifold and joins in to some sort of t-piece! anyway this is all split and looks like it has been bodged with insulation tape, anyone know where i can get one from quickly or if not the size of hose i need so i can just buy some flexable hose and replace, someone has told me it needs to be metal on the ends as other hoses clamp onto this? any help is very grateful. cheers

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