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When does an S4 engine run in?

Warlord2001c Jan 19, 2012

  1. Warlord2001c

    Warlord2001c New Member

    Evening, i get that engines are built to much better tolerances than the old days but what sort of distance is considered "run in" for an S4 these days?

    I reckon im only doing about 5000 a year so wondering if it will ever get really there?

    Cheers all
  2. dmaudi

    dmaudi Member

    I would say the engine will give its best performance and economy after about 10k, that's pretty normal these days,

    But that's just loosening up not running in,

    Modern engines need less than 1000 miles to be run in, although are now made to such tight tolerances that they need very little,

    Brand new cars are driven hard from stone cold straight off the line as they are put through brake tests and some are pulled off line for about 10 miles of test track time too,

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