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  1. rickparmar

    rickparmar Active Member

    A dustman is going along the street picking up the wheely bins and emptying them into his dustcart.

    He gets to one house where the bin has not been left out so he has a quick look for it in the front garden and then in the back garden.

    Still not being able to locate the bin he knocks on the door. No answer,so he knock again.

    Eventually a Japanese bloke answers..

    "Harro" says the jappy chappy.

    "Alright mate,where's your bin?" asks the dustman.

    "I bin on toilet" replies the Japanese bloke looking perplexed.

    Realising that the Japanese fellow has misunderstood,the binman smiles
    and says "No mate,where's your dustbin ?"

    "I dust bin on toilet, I told you" says the Japanese bloke.

    "Mate" says the binman "You misunderstand me.. where's your wheely bin?"

    "Ok OK" says the Jap "I wheely bin having wa*k"
  2. Festa

    Festa Member


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