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Wheels Bolts/Locking Nuts

MrTackalakalaka Apr 30, 2012

  1. Hi everyone

    Need to buy some new locking nuts for my alloys!

    First of all......my rear wheels have 25mm spacers on them with 50mm (measured the shaft) bolts and my fronts have 15mm spacers with shorter bolts.

    If i get locking nuts that are long enough to fit my rear wheels with spacers (50mm). will they be ok on the front? they won't hit anything and half the bolt will end up sticking out?

    Also looked at my bolts that came out of my rear wheel......it looks like theres about 10mm of thread that actually reaches the hub which i thought was a bit scary haha. Is this ok? Obviously i tighten them up with a torque wrench and never had a problem with them coming loose *touches wood*

  2. S3featesV9

    S3featesV9 Active Member

    Well standard wheel bolt length is 27mm. So just add on the extra spacer.

    Example for your front you'd need 27+15...42mm length bolts.
    Rears would be 27+25...52mm!!
  3. Thanks mate!! Thats awesome help!
  4. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Nope... you will need two different sizes... cut the ones for the front down and just make sure they are only ever used for the fronts...

    If the bolt is too long it will damage the ABS sensor ring and/or lock the hub against the carrier doing all sorts of untold damage...

    Bolts should be long enough that they protrude a couple of threads past what they screw into... typically you make them the same length as the std bolt (of the thread or the bit that sticks out the wheel when off the car) plus your size of spacer... so... while a wheel is off, poke a std bolt through and measure how much sticks out... add the size of the spacer and bingo...

  5. Thanks Tuffty!!

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